Yujie Xu, Fashion Blogger, NYC


Yujie Xu is a fashion blogger from China who currently resides in NYC. She defines her current sense of style simply as self-reflective: whoever that happens to be that day, that's what the world sees. Her heartfelt exuberance and desire to brighten the lives of the people around her naturally invoke more color-- especially pink-- into her style. 

When Yujie first created her Instagram account, she was more concerned with copying the style of other fashion influencers so she could quickly develop a following of her own. Ultimately though, it felt empty and unsatisfying, and slowly she began experimenting with sharing her naturally inspired looks with less concern for how they would be perceived. Her authenticity gained her far more respect and attention than trying to adapt a style which didn't fit ever did. 

Yujie loves NYC for being a city that embraces such a diverse range of beings. She loves the feeling she can express herself freely, anytime, without judgment. Walking through the streets, she feels at home among the thousands of others who echo this sentiment and boldly flaunt their styles.

Her chosen outfit consists of a seasonal crop top and breezy long sleeved shirt paired with a jean skirt from Zara. Her signature accessories are an Louis Vuitton petite bag (a precious wedding gift from her father), Chanel wallet, Gucci belt, and Gentle Monster sunglasses. Though it's hard to choose just one, Yujie says her favorite designer, and the one she derives the most inspiration from, is Alexander Wang. When she's not shopping locally for new pieces, she loves Net-A-Porter to find great deals on exclusive, high-end items. 


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