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Ashley Bard lets her outfit define her mood. From vintage frocks to rocker chic to select avant-garde pieces, her wardrobe has a little bit of everything so she can let the world know what she's ready for that day simply by getting dressed. Her passion for giving fair representation to every color in the spectrum also means no matter what the occasion, she's got something to match it. 

Over the years, Ashley began to see the importance of investing in versatile staple pieces to help keep her style fresh and fun. She no longer felt compelled to try every trend as she once did. Her fondness for vintage clothing, one of the major influences in her wardrobe, in part comes from how well made the pieces are. Despite having been designed as far back as the 1940s, these timeless items held up against her fast-paced lifestyle whereas her brand new purchases would often start losing shape within a few months. The stand-up quality of these original garments has helped shape her approach to adding new items to her wardrobe as well by learning to prioritize quality over quantity.

Ashley's favorite places to shop are vintage boutiques and fairs. The ability to touch each piece, envision its story and journey is a unique thrill. She feels a much deeper connection to what these items could add to her own story, and she admits she's always on the hunt for her next statement piece. For newer designs, she likes Topshop , Nordstrom Rack for their fantastic offers, Free People , and local boutiques.  

Her chosen outfit for the blog post is far from the wildest outfit she owns, but it’s one she feels most comfortable in. This particular outfit highlights integral elements of her overall style by combining both vintage and modern pieces. Her top is 1950’s vintage and was a lucky $5 score at a state fair. The polka dot pants are from Urban Outfitters and such a recent sweet find they've become a staple in her wardrobe. The black booties are retro 90’s, and the belt is vintage 1980’s — both purchases from Manhattan Transfer’s clothing vault. Her friend’s father is a founding member of the band, and they were fortunate enough to be able to comb through their extensive vintage clothing and accessories. These pieces are two of her favorite finds. 

Other wardrobe favorites include her leopard print fur coat, which she'd wear all year long if she could, and a pair of timeless cowboy boots from Tennessee. 

Her title, Social Bard, represents her conquests into Digital Branding and Fashion Blogging and was a natural choice when she launched her own Digital Marketing Agency.

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